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Non Performing Loan

According to the official European definition, non-performing loans are those for which interest payments have ceased for a period of at least 90 days. As a result of this, the likelihood of the borrower defaulting on a loan rises as this situation continues. No longer only is the lending bank no longer compensated, but due […]

What is a portfolio of projects?

The more projects and their size you have, the larger your organisation will be. The information associated with all of these projects, such as allotted resources or allotted budgets, is then compiled into a project portfolio. However, the increasing number of projects, both internal and external, has its own set of challenges to manage and […]

Portfolio Management

Many firms are familiar with the term “project management,” but “portfolio management” still is a new notion to many. Other than that, things like this are on the rise. Project-based work has become more and more common in organisations of all sizes, including those with several locations. When competing initiatives inside the same company are […]