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What users are looking for online finance in times of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is being contained around the world. This had a significant impact on the lives of everyone in the community and on each of us independently. We’re concerned about our loved ones’ health, but we’re also concerned about their financial futures. In addition to housing and food, individuals are concerned about where to […]

Fourth Amendment Exceptional Or Fantastic

The Norm Is That: Probable cause, confirmed by an oath or affirmation, must be established before a warrant can be issued for a search or seizure, which violates the rights of all persons to be free from unnecessary searches and seizures. In the virtual world, we’re currently disputing the use of this as such Fourth […]


Some of the contributors post under their own name, some under nicknames, some pseudonymously. All are practicing criminal defense lawyers, and all are bloggers in their own right. Here are their biographies: 12.44(a): aka Dallas lawyer Robert Guest, he can be found blogging at his regular gig at DCDL. His nickname comes from Texas Penal […]