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Financing Of Marketing

To achieve the goals of marketing, the implementation of marketing activities, enterprises must find funds to finance their own marketing program. It can be either own or borrowed funds. Before finding the required amount, it is necessary to calculate the level of expenses for each area of ​​marketing policy and strategy. This data is reflected […]

Enterprise finance functions

The finances of enterprises as an economic value category in the process of reproduction are manifested through their functions. The functions of enterprise finance are implemented at the microeconomic level, they are directly related to the formation and use of capital and monetary funds of enterprises in the conditions of their economic isolation and the […]

The need for finance in the context of expanded reproduction

Expanded reproduction includes the continuous renewal and expansion of production assets, growth of GDP and its main part – national income, reproduction of labor and production relations. It is carried out using economic levers, commodity-money, financial and credit relations. An important role in the reproduction of all constituent parts of GDP belongs to public finance […]