Some of the contributors post under their own name, some under nicknames, some pseudonymously. All are practicing criminal defense lawyers, and all are bloggers in their own right. Here are their biographies:

12.44(a): aka Dallas lawyer Robert Guest, he can be found blogging at his regular gig at DCDL. His nickname comes from Texas Penal Code section 12.44.

Blonde Justice: Author of Blonde Justice, where she’s been CDL blogging since May 2004.

Norm Pattis: Author of Fighting For Freedom One Client At A Time, and Defending Sex Crimes, and Lawyers For All and co-author of the Section 1983 blog. Clearly has too much time on his hands, so he agreed to contribute here as well.

Jamie Spencer: Also known to ramble on nonsensically at ACDL and ADLB. Currently posts under Publius, because he hasn’t figured out how to be both an administrator and author under his own name.

Quixote: aka Jeff Gamso of Gamso for the Defense, here tilting at windmills. Because inside every cynic is a romantic, and every criminal defense lawyer is both.

Ishmael: A perpetual optimist, always looking for the best in humanity, who subscribes to the belief that malevolence should never be assumed when mere stupidity will suffice.

Locke: An enlightened philosophical sort, who believes what he believes based on his actual experiences and primarily blogs about the criminal defense view from the trenches.

Publius: Catch all pseudonym for any contributor that wishes to use the name.

A few more contributors have agreed to sign on. Their bios are forthcoming.